Saturday, 12 June 2010


Sometimes when I cannot sleep, or wake up too early in the morning and cannot think of anything better to do, I wonder about things I never do otherwise, but for which I really care. It may sound ridiculous but the thing I wonder about is usually world peace. Like Michael Jackson with his "Heal the World" or "We are the World", I wish to start a voice among the youthful - lets all live in peace! But ye, everything starts at home - peace should too! My home state is in dire need of a strong leader, someone with integrity. I am sure many Manipuris want peace, everybody is tired of living under their fears - but there's not much to be done at individual levels.

The drug problem of the youth is another bother - Manipuris shine when we come out to the mainland and then Occident, be it in sports, education, fashion, the list goes on - today there are more and more Manipuris who are making it big! I was just wondering what could be - if all the young blood of Manipur were educated well, not follow the path of substance abuse, no war, no blood, no deceit ............ only tradition, only peace, only beautiful place and wonderful people! Manipur could be the best!! But sigh ~ it is not an easy task, the state has fallen into selfish hands for several years and it has been sinking in some selfish people's greed - law, order, mental peace???? where do we go, if our home is not a welcome place?

Sometimes, I wish I could arrange some forum with all my friends to hold an event to address this issue and make it reach the masses -- mass is where the leaders are produced. We need leaders, we want our ailing mother to recover, we want to play in her grounds carefree .....We want to come back to you mother, you are where our hearts are, we all belong to you......

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